Hawaiian Music Pack

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A collection of four evocative tracks that beckon listeners into the enchanting world of Hawaii, where the ukulele's lazy strumming sets a serene tone, complemented by rhythmic wooden mallet percussions resembling gentle ocean waves, and the lap-steel guitar invites wandering thoughts.

The tempo of these compositions is intentionally unhurried, encouraging a deep sense of relaxation. They transport listeners to a realm where daily cares recede into the background, replaced by the allure of a tropical paradise.

As these tracks play, one can envision the allure of a hammock swaying beneath the shade of palm trees, or a leisurely stroll along the pristine shores of a Pacific island.

The versatility of these tracks makes them ideal for various creative projects. Whether used in travel and tourism videos, commercials, films, or documentaries, they provide a poignant soundtrack for showcasing the unspoiled magnificence and tranquil existence that Hawaii embodies. Allow the music to carry you away to a place where time slows down, and the spirit of Aloha flourishes.

Included Tracks:

  1. Aloha Hawaii - PREVIEW
  2. Hawaiian Stroll - PREVIEW
  3. Waikiki Beach - PREVIEW
  4. Hawaii Is A Paradise - PREVIEW


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You will get a 44.1 kHz .wav version of the music without watermark. Included versions:

Aloha Hawaii
Aloha Hawaii - short
Aloha Hawaii - stinger
Hawaiian Stroll
Hawaiian Stroll - short
Hawaiian Stroll - stinger
Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach - short
Waikiki Beach - stinger
Hawaii Is A Paradise
Hawaii Is A Paradise - short
Hawaii Is A Paradise - stinger
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Hawaiian Music Pack

0 ratings
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