Discovery Expedition - Stock Music

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Royalty-free music for videos and films: ostinato strings and lush violin phrases build a strong cinematic adventure theme, with growing percussions and horns which enhance the sense of glorious discovery and triumph. Decorative elements like celesta and harp for a magical effect that can be associated with fantasy and legend, and an awe-inspiring choir. Perfect for history and geography documentaries, epic film cues, Youtube videos, drone footage and trailers.


All licenses are valid for unlimited projects in perpetuity & unlimited time on a non-exclusive basis, according to the end-use or audio-visual synchronization model you choose (Web License; Tv & Radio License; Games & Apps License; Theatrical License).

You may not:

  • Sell, resell, trade in, or give away the music to any other party or otherwise distribute the music “as is.”
  • Create/produce new musical works based on the music (musical compositions, songs). This is not a sampling license.
  • Use/include the music in different types of music compilations, such as music compilation CDs/DVDs or music albums where the tracks are stand-alone elements.
  • Record the music under any Content ID fingerprinting system such as AdRev, Identifyy, TuneCore etc.
  • Redistribute the music as a part of different multimedia templates (e.g., website templates, video templates, e-card templates, slideshow templates) that are subsequently offered to multiple end-users.
  • Use or redistribute the music as a part of telephone or mobile phone ringtones.

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Discovery Expedition - Stock Music

0 ratings
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